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The Miraculous Blackberry - a true treasure trove of health


Vitamins, minerals, vegetable fibers, flavonoids all contain blackberries, which are not only delicious fruits, but because of their composition have a beneficial effect on many health problems.
Blackberry is also believed to have a potent anticancer effect. Blackberries boost immunity because they contain vitamin C, which has several important roles.
Juicy and delicious, rich in powerful antioxidants, and especially anthocyanin pigment, which plays an important role in controlling blood sugar levels, blackberries are an extremely healthy and medicinal fruit. Ripe fruits are a true treasure trove of tannins and pectins, malic, citric and ascorbic acids, iron, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, B-group vitamins.
Glucose from this fruit is an important source of energy, and fructose plays an important role in the prevention of diabetes.
They also contain a large amount of vegetable fiber, which is why they are especially recommended for those who suffer from constipation because they have a mild laxative effect. Blackberry juice stimulates liver cells by protecting it from various ailments.
In addition to blackberry fruit and blackberry leaves, it can be used for a variety of teas.


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