Mystery finally solved: Meat-eaters or vegetarians - who lives longer


If humans continue to eat meat and sugar at the current pace, by 2050, humanity will be on the brink of starvation. Namely, to avoid nearly 11 million premature deaths, scientists suggest that people limit their consumption of meat to 14 grams a day, and start using fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts in double the amount.
At the beginning of the 21st century, several countries simultaneously began research into the eating habits of Europeans. Scientists have been watching nearly half a million people for 13 years and have come to the conclusion that red meat can cause cancer, heart disease and premature death.
Researchers have found that people who eat more than 160 grams of meat a day are four percent more likely to die young than people who limit themselves to just 20 grams of meat a day.
In the 13 years of research, every 17th volunteer died. Almost 10 thousand of them died of cancer and 5.5 thousand died of heart disease and blood vessels.
However, according to the author of the article, it is impossible to blame everyone for the love of red meat. People who consumed a lot of meat products were also found to be smokers, obese and had unhealthy lifestyle habits.
After several years, American researchers have been able to find the ideal group of participants who do not have bad life habits. These are the believers of a Protestant church. Researchers observed 96,000 believers for several years, most of them vegetarians. If some of them ate meat, it was about 50 grams a day.
About eight thousand people died from various pathogens during the study, while 2.5 thousand died from cardiovascular disease.
The problem oxide
The analysis showed that carnivores died more often than vegetarians, revealing a link between red meat and premature death.
If these results were to be transmitted to the entire human population, then about 6.3 percent of early deaths were caused by any cause and nine percent were deaths from heart attacks and strokes - the result of regular meat consumption, scientists say.
The harmful effects of red meat on the body can be explained by the characteristics of digestion, according to American biologists.


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