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If you exclude dairy products from your diet, there will be 5 things happening in your body


Dairy products can be very useful, but to some people they are not comfortable in the least, so in these cases it is best to throw them out of the diet.
Many doctors recommend that women after the age of 40 completely discard dairy products !?
Milk products are rich in nutrients for the body, but a large number of people have begun to develop lactose intolerance, which is found in milk.
If this group of foods is excluded from the diet, it must be replaced by some other foods.
Kale and batat are great sources of calcium, nuts and green soy contain significant amounts of magnesium, and sauerkraut is rich in probiotics.
You will not have stomach problems like pain, bloating and gas
When lactose is more tolerated by the body, acids and gases are created in the intestines, causing pain and bloating. When you stop eating and drinking dairy products, these problems will completely leave you.
You will lose a few pounds
Lactose is sugar and sugar contributes to cultivation. When you eliminate dairy products from your diet, it means that your sugar intake will be reduced, which is the first step to losing weight.
Digestion will work like clockwork
Lactose intolerance increases the amount of water in the intestines, leading to impaired digestion and diarrhea or even constipation. When you stop consuming these foods in your body, the stool will normalize in a very short time.
Healthy gut and generally a better feeling
Dairy products in the sensitized person cause inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, which can cause fatigue, stomach irritation and nausea. Dropping milk helps to restore healthy bacteria.
Healthier and cleaner skin
The body releases waste and toxins in three ways: through urination, through the stool and through the pores. Sensitivity to dairy products can also manifest on the skin in the form of blackheads, acne, rashes and even eczema.


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